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Here is the Scripture for the month: There are so many topics to choose from this month. I am just giving supplemental ideas to a few of them. Please refer to the church’s website for the wonderful outlines they have on there for all of the topics, see links below. Place a large word strip on the board that states the question, “Why is Family Important? Invite each young women to take a couple minutes to think about that question. After giving them time to think. Invite each young women to share the answer they would give in response to that question. Print out, ” The Family:

Tip #11 — Make Christian Relationships Your Priority

By Phil Stone Wednesday, December 14th, Once in my ministry I had the joy of teaching a group of something year old women. I also discovered that they still enjoyed learning in creative ways and that transformation has no age limit. Senior adults continue to be transformed into the likeness of Christ by God through the renewing of their minds and attitudes.

Feb 01, David Murrow Tips on how churches can win their young men back — and the role single women can play in that revival Part 1: Where Have the Men Gone? And things seem to be getting worse. First-grade Sunday school classes have just as many boys as girls. But over the next dozen years, young men melt away. By their senior year, girls are 14 percent more likely to have participated in a youth group than boys.

And they are 21 percent more likely to have stayed involved in youth group all four years of high school. Why is this happening? Before we dive in, let me state the obvious:

Lesson: Journey Through the Book of Acts

Have you ever had a hard time respecting someone in authority over you? Share an example from your own life or use the example below. He was short-tempered, rude, and often showed dislike toward me and my friends. One day, he lost his temper and yelled at me in front of my classmates even though I did nothing wrong.

You’ll find links to all Bible lessons for teenagers in this section here on this page. Like us on Facebook Website problems? Registration will also make special certificates available to you as you earn points doing your lessons. To continue your lessons from where you left off, click on ” My Bookmark “. Lesson series are listed in the order in which we would recommend for you to do them. If you are a mature teen senior high school or older in addition to the later series listed here you will also find some great lessons in the ” Advanced ” section.

As you work through these free Bible lessons for youth God will build spiritual maturity into your life enabling you to be the young person God has designed you to be. You are entering a period of your life when friends have particular meaning. David and Jonathan in the Bible were special friends.

403 Forbidden

Too many have madewrong choices that they have later regretted. Here is some advice some based on biblical principles; others by observation for helping a Christian to find the right mate: Pray for the right mate!

The target ages is years old, so this series would work best with older elementary. However, teachers can certainly adapt the study material for younger children. Children can learn many lessons from the failure of these ancient kings and how Jesus remains the true Savior King of the World. This Bible study series is targeted to upper elementary, or age 9 — 12 U. It takes kids on a 34 week exploration of the early church through the book of Acts.

As they follow in the footsteps of Peter, John, and Paul — they will see the work of the Holy Spirit in building his church and advancing the Gospel. Students will learn how they too can live a powerful life serving Jesus as the Holy Spirit empowers them. You can start with our lesson on Psalm 1 and lead kids through this important series week by week. These lessons work well for weekend service or mid-week Bible study groups or even family devotion times.

This series of five lessons will cover each chapter of James with the goal of outlining how we can become stronger in our faith.

10 GREAT Sunday School & Bible Games for Kids

To meet this goal successfully, consider the following: To newcomers who do not know the materials. To shy children who may know the material but are too shy to try.

They’re like His fingerprints or “God-prints” as they identify His character and truth within His creation! Use these to help children, youth and even adults learn important Bible lessons that can keep them focused on Jesus during every season! Everyday Object Lessons Of course who needs to wait on a special season, to talk about God?! He is everywhere every day! We can look at everyday objects and see Christian object lessons that will inspire and draw us closer to Him and help us teach others of His great love through Jesus!

Any day can become a holiday! Try this “Every Day is Holiday” Bible lesson for any time of the year! Christian Object Lessons for Spring Spring just seems to usher in all things new and fresh, so we’ll begin with Spring Time object lessons!

Youth Sunday School Lessons On Dating

Series 2 – Bible Answers for Did God create all life, and is He involved in marriage? Or is life just some cosmic accident? If there is no God, there is no use for you to read on. But if you believe God made the human race and has established a plan and purpose for your existence, then you have found the source where the answers to all life’s questions can be found.

Their families have similar involvement at church. Both were active in their high school, received good grades, had lots of friends, made commitments to Christ at the same age, and attended the same church. Today, John is an active leader in the Church. Donna dropped out after high school. Of course there are theological reasons, but I’ll let the theologians work through those explanations. My answer is less complicated, but just as important: John was involved with his ministry; Donna was a spectator.

Spectating Many youth group leaders believe they have to entertain their group to have a successful program. Young people must experience the work of Christ if they are to grow in their faith. For example, we can never just talk about missions and expect our young people to understand. Kids need to experience mission first hand; and it doesn’t have to be a short-term trip to a foreign country. Organize local outreaches with your teens.

It could be as simple as painting a widow’s house, working at a rescue mission, or visiting a rest home. Looking Out for No.

Enrichment Journal – Enriching and Equipping Spirit-filled Ministers

How old were you? If you had it to do over again, would you wait? I knew none of the physical consequences of choosing to have sex early, but I was depressed. Is that a message you want to share with your daughter?

A spouse that serves God is a great blessing and worth searching for. Father, please help us choose our mates wisely Lesson: Play a quick game of Pictionary click for instructions from the objects in the lesson. Why did the servant choose the sign of drawing water for camels? Only a kind, humble, polite and generous person would freely offer to draw water for ten camels as well as for their owner. The servant chose a behavior that reflected good qualities in a person.

He wanted a kind, humble, polite and generous wife for Isaac. Jesus said you can tell a good tree by its fruit – and you can tell a good person by their behavior. How good is our fruit today? Would the servant have picked you? I’ve got the joy Activity: Add Rebekah and Laban to the family tree.

Who Pays on a First Date? – Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy