Kenya’s boyfriend from Millionaire Matchmaker got married in April

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Is kenya still dating guy from millionaire matchmaker Yeah, moss to be among the show in florida for a contestant on survivor, and returning castaways. In fact dateable.

By Ashley Thompson To mix things up Patti is setting up a runway walk in tuxedos for the men. Kenya Moore is a 43 year old Real Housewife of Atlanta. She thinks that men are intimidated by her fame and feel they find her high maintenance. Tired of dating and tired of the non-stop proposals, she’s looking to Patti for advice. Her friend, and fellow Housewife Cynthia Bailey, thinks she’s a lot to handle. Patti finds out that Kenya has commitment and abandonment issues. Her last serious relationship wasn’t long ago but brings her to tears to talk about.

Patti wants to find someone that Kenya can trust. Her celebrity crush is Matt Kemp, doesn’t want someone shorter than herself and considers herself a goal-digger Kenya picks James, a commercial real estate agent.

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Oh Lord. Today on Wendy Williams Patti Stanger talked about hooking Kenya up with a new man. When Kenya was on Wendy Williams recently she told Wendy that she was seeing a business man who went to Princeton. Today, Patti says that is the man that she found for her and they are still dating. Patti.

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This episode introduces young real estate mogul Julien and an aging rocker Jeff. At the office Patti pressures her team to bring in more millionaires. Also, Patti’s own love life is questioned by With both of them being very shy, Patti will have to coach these two men and give them some hints about the dating arena.

Kenya Moore has revealed that she was also shocked to find out that her boyfriend James Freeman, who she met on “The Millionaire Matchmaker,” was married just one week after their episode aired!

Matt Jordan tells E! News exclusively, “Kenya and I agreed to never speak negatively of one another in the media or otherwise. I plan on holding up my end and say that I take full responsibility for the entire situation. There is my side her side and what God loves which is the truth! The only difference between theirs and the average Joe is that they are in the entertainment and media life. News confirms the Bravolebrities called it quits after a dramatic Memorial Day weekend. According to TMZ , who first reported the split, they got into a “huge dispute” while on vacation in Mexico.

In a since-deleted Instagram post at Jordan’s request , the Real Housewives of Atlanta star confirmed that she and Jordan have broken up; the caption accompanied a photo of smashed sunglasses. Love is never demeaning or degrading. My love is real. My love is kind. My love is protective. My love elevates not destroys. My love is generous.

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Seriously — there were no Kenyanigans. I was strangely disappointed. As much as I snark on Kenya, I rely on her insanity to keep me indentured to Bravo. I do not need to see her behaving normally. But alas, we all must make sacrifices for love! There were shocking developments however — Patti Stanger actually made two love connections! Men fear the twirl, so they get gone with the wind before they give the fabulous part a chance.

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Last we saw Ally, she had been hunted down by her mom and a camera crew, and was humiliated on-screen as they went clothes shopping. Shortly after that she transferred colleges and moved to Nashville — far far away from Jillzy. As for Patti, as the seasons have progressed, her show has turned into more and more of a joke. I know nothing about this woman, so I decided to see if she even had a website for her dating service company. Every wonder what she charges assuming there are real clients.

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Reality TV personality Kenya Moore is reportedly in despair over a man she met on a television dating show who turned out to be married. Let’s back up a moment, James Freeman was not technically married when Moore met him on Millionaire Matchmaker.

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Mar 23,  · Real Housewife of Atlanta Kenya Moore is still dating Patti Stanger’s pick from The Millionaire Matchmaker — read her sweet message about love and meet her boyfriend James here.

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Still, there are some basic aspects of reality shows that we believe to be true: That said, Millionaire Matchmaker is particularly deceptive to audiences. Here are just a few ways the series, as well as Patti Stanger, are cloaking the truth from viewers in a big way. Stanger’s former partner and Millionaire Matchmaker regular Chelsea Autumn dished , “It was just her and I for so many years.

Dustin and Rachel just came on for the reality show, along with an office primarily used for TV filming. There were so many times Patti handed her clients off to me because she was so focused on the show.

Mar 21,  · Just recently, Moore told Twitter fans that she was still on a date with her “beau”, leading many to believe that she is still dating the guy from Millionaire Matchmaker. But Moore has yet to IG or tweet hte words “boyfriend”, rather using “beau”.

Ben Simmoneau and Juliet Huddy are anchoring. There probably will be a party later am sure. They did the “birthday dance” and Mike Woods busted a move, wasn’t that impressed. It’s his natural nose. Don’t hate just because he’s naturally gorgeous. No way is someone that gorgeous, muscular and successful single or celibate. Anyone know where he lives?

Kenya Moore

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Kenya moore still dating with kenya even still the number one destination for online dating her. Best dating the millionaire matchmaker, mar 5, both of bravo’s the guy she met on sunday, as kenya moore dating, and were not together.

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Millionaire Matchmaker Stars (Try To) Explain Kenya Moore Fiasco!