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Originally posted by hell-ogoodbye Jiyong is that friend that you fell for despite your best intentions. However, you gave up having your feelings reciprocated by him a long time ago. Every time you two would get close it felt as if he pulled back.

The audience found this incredibly cute and thought he could never be in a relationship with CL if he couldn’t handle her presence! G-Dragon’s reaction to CL’s dancing was so uncomfortably cute that it caused her to smile.

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G-Dragon’s Ex Girlfriends & Gadis Yang Pernah Muncul Dalam Hidupnya Leader Bigbang ini memang memiliki sejuta pesona di atas panggung. Tapi siapa sangka, ia .

When Ji Yong is stuck in a meeting while Chaelin needs some release there is only one person left in the relationship to turn to. Smut, shameless kinky smut Warnings: If this is bad please let me know. She shifted on the couch, trying to get some friction right where she needed it. The TV was on, but she paid no attention to it. She moved her hips, rocking her pussy on the couch. She cursed under breath at the pent up tension she carried.

Ji Yong made her promise to do nothing without him this week, with the incident that happened without him was something he sorely missed. Come home Ji Yong pulled out his phone, briefly looking up at the people around him.

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Dara and G-Dragon’s came up with the assumption the two are dating when both Dara and G-Dragon uploaded pictures of their new hair color on their official Instagram accounts. Both pictures in question are attached below for comparison and contrast.

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CL, Taeyang, G-Dragon and Dara upload mysterious letters hinting at fans?!

Actually we go way back. When our first album came out, Jeremy saw the video and I was wearing his shoe collaboration with Adidas. I think we talk a lot!

G-Dragon surprised fans with a random Instagram Live a few nights ago, where he chatted to fans about various topics, the most interesting being his relationship with former 2NE1 leader and fellow.

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Sandara Park also says that she wasn’t expecting to have that much people after the concert. YG Entertainment issued a statement claiming that G-Dragon and Sandara were only joking around to bait the fans into reacting but now, new videos are circulating on the internet on the same incident taken. Because of this, Sandara’s agency, and she herself has voiced out the truth behind it.

G-Dragon April Fools us on twitter saying he is dating CL? CL, G-Dragon, and Lee Soo Hyuk at KYE Han Hee’s fashion show G-Dragon reveals how he treats his girlfriendsReviews: 5.

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The Daragon ship is literally making waves with news of G-Dragon’s alleged kiss to Dara after the BIGBANG concert! Daragon is the official OTP name of the beloved fan fiction couple G-Dragon and Dara. As two of the hottest YG artists, the two artists have been paired together since their collaboration for “Hello” on G-Dragon’s first solo album.

News Celebrity The Big Bang leader and the former f x member post photos at a similar place, leading people to believe that they’re dating. Apr 25, AceShowbiz – G-Dragon ‘s latest Instagram post have just added fuel to rumor that he and Sulli might be dating. The rapper posted a photo of a beautiful lake on Tuesday, April 25, hinting that he was on vacation. At first, nobody questioned whom he was with, but people started to wonder if he went there with Sulli.

In the black-and-white photo, she was staring sexily at the camera. One of her eyes was covered with a hand inked with tattoos. Fans noted that she took the photo at a similar place to G-Dragon’s, re-sparking dating speculation. The tattooed-hand also made fans believe that it might belong to the “Heartbreaker” hitmaker. Are you trying to make Choiza regret breaking up with you?

Others didn’t specifically mention the “Crayon” rapper, but asked if Sulli was with her new boyfriend. Some fans came to her defense and denied people’s claim. One fan simply stated, “He’s not GD.